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How Your Chiropractor and WorkSafe BC Work Together

If you are seeking treatment under an active WorkSafe BC claim, any Chiropractor registered with WorkSafe BC can directly process treatments on your behalf.  

Before booking your Chiropractic appointment, ensure that you have filled out an incident report at your workplace. When you are ready to book your appointment, you will need your Worksafe BC claim number. If you haven’t been assigned a number to your claim, we will contact Worksafe BC for you.

Your first appointment will be approximately 30 minutes, where your chiropractor will perform a thorough examination and assessment of your functional ability. Your chiropractor will prescribe a treatment plan, as well as other therapies if required. All subsequent visits will be focused on treatment. 

 As long as your claim is active, your Chiropractor will bill WorkSafe BC directly on your behalf so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for these appointments.