Extended Health Billing

We bill to most major extended health providers, as well as WorkSafeBC, ICBC and MSP supplementary benefits.
Some of the extended health providers include: CanadaLife, Chambers of Commerce, ClaimSecure, Desjardin, GMS 49 and 50, GreenShield, Group Health, iA Financial Group, Johnson Group, Johnston Inc., Manion, Manulife, Pacific Blue Cross, RCMP Medavie, RWAM, Sunlife.

How direct billing works:
When you book an appointment with our Chiropractors, the intake form you are prompted to fill out has a place for you to enter your insurance information.

We require you to enter in your plan contract and ID number. If you are not the primary policy holder, such as in the case of a spouse or family dependent, we will need the primary policy holder’s first and last name, as well as their date of birth.
Our team has a thorough knowledge of extended health billing and is always happy to assist you in figuring out the details of your plan. It is important to note that each extended health insurance policy is unique and confidential. Whether it is provided to you by your employer, or purchased privately, there are certain details about your plan that aren’t disclosed to our administrative staff to maintain privacy.